Diminki (Dimitris Papadopoulos) was born and raised in Chania, Crete, Greece. He started drawing as a kid and drawing has been his main occupation ever since. Comics, Capoeira and the Art of Tattoo are his greatest loves. Diminki was still a university student when he first attempted to join the tattoo artists’ world. He discovered that he suffered from hemophobia and that he would faint at the sight of blood. However, he managed to successfully overcome this problem by working as a vet’s assistant and taking part in hundreds of animal surgeries! Diminki is a self-taught tattoo artist. Already an experienced sketcher and designer, he fell in love with the texture of the particular medium, a worthy competitor of the pencil and pen. His first experiments were conducted on his own body and those of friends and after only five tattoos he got a job at a local tattoo studio. About a year later, having completed over one hundred tattoos of virtually every style and size, on every possible part of the human body, Diminki was ready to create his own professional space and dedicate himself to developing his individual style.


Diminiki is a Plastic Arts graduate of a Belgian University (Institut of St-Luc Architecture and Fine Arts School, Comic and Illustration, 2002) and the winner of 2 Awards in Panhellenic Competitions for professional comic artists. He has been a Capoeira athlete since 2000 and he has been teaching this martial art in Crete for over a decade while at the same time organizing annual festivals and seminars. In 2008 Diminki published his Capoeira method (Caderno de Capoeira – texts & illustrations) which was later translated into English (Capoeira Illustrated, Turtle Press, 2011).


At Diminki Tattoo Shop, situated in the old Venetian harbour of Chania of Crete, we are looking forward to meeting you and discussing some original, creative ideas!